Pesticide Waste Management. Technology and Regulation Cover

Pesticide Waste Management. Technology and Regulation

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841224803,9780841213661,0841224803 | 1992 | English | pdf | 276/276 pages | 26.1 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: John B. Bourke, Allan S. Felsot, Thomas J. Gilding, Janice King Jensen, and James N. Seiber (Eds.)

Content: Pesticide container regulations as part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's strategy / Nancy Fitz —
State pesticide disposal regulations and programs / Barbara B. Lounsbury —
Managing pesticide wastes : perspective for developing countries / Janice King Jensen —
Container minimization and reuse / Scott W. Allison —
Pesticide container collection and recycling in Minnesota / R.J. Hansen and L.P. Palmer —
Laboratory evaluation of products of incomplete combustion formed from burning of agricultural product bags / B. Adebona, A. Shafagati, E.J. Martin, and R.C. Chawla —
Characterization of emissions formed from open burning of pesticide bags / D.A. Oberacker, P.C. Lin, G.M. Shaul, D.T. Ferguson, V.S. Engleman, T.W. Jackson, J.S. Chapman, J.D. Evans, R.J. Martrano, and Linda L. Evey —
Minimization and reuse of pesticide rinsates / Ronald T. Noyes —
Treatment of pesticide wastes : regulatory and operational requirements for successful treatment systems / Steven E. Dwinell —
Pesticide application systems for reduction of rinsate and nontarget contamination / Durham K. Giles —
Current technologies for pesticide waste disposal / James N. Seiber —
Biotechnology in bioremediation of pesticide-contaminated sites / Jeffrey S. Karns —
Chemical degradation of pesticide wastes / Cathleen J. Hapeman-Somich —
Pesticide wastewater cleanup using demulsification, sorption, and filtration followed by chemical and biological degradation / Donald E. Mullins, Roderick W. Young, Glen H. Hetzel, and Duane F. Berry —
Evaluation of organophosphorus insecticide hydrolysis by conventional means and reactive ion exchange / Kathryn C. Dowling and Ann T. Lemley —
Application equipment technology to protect the environment / Robert E. Wolf and Loren E. Bode —
Photochemical and microbial degradation technologies to remove toxic chemicals / Fumio Matsumura and Arata Katayama —
Biodegradability of pesticides sorbed to activated carbon / J.H. Massey, T.L. Lavy, and M.A. Fitzgerald —
Biological methods for the disposal of coumaphos waste / D.R. Shelton, Jeffrey S. Karns, and Cathleen J. Hapeman-Somich —
Site assessment and remediation for retail agrochemical dealers / Christopher A. Myrick —
Agricultural chemical site remediation and regulations / Greg Buzicky, Paul Liemandt, Sheila Grow, and David Read —
Experimental design for testing landfarming of pesticide-contaminated soil excavated from agrochemical facilities / Allan S. Felsot, J. Kent Mitchell, T.J. Bicki, and J.F. Frank.

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