Build the Perfect Survival Kit Cover

Build the Perfect Survival Kit

ISBN/ASIN: 0873499670,9780873499675 | 2005 | English | epub | 192/0 pages | 6.57 Mb
Publisher: Krause Publ | Author: John D. McCann

An emergency can arise at anytime. Now everyone from the average commuter to the risk-taking sportsman can benefit from these just-in-case kits that may just save a life. Build the Perfect Survival Kit offers a number of kits, from very basic pocket-sized ones with just the essentials to elaborate ones designed for weeks of surviving in the wilderness. The book advocates careful advance planning and building a personalized kit specifically tailored to each outing or possible emergency that may be encountered. Readers will learn about the eight categories of gear: Fire and Light, Signaling, Water and Food, Shelter and Protection, Knives and Tools, Multi-purpose Items and Miscellaneous Items, and what to pack into a kit for their pocket, glove box, four-wheeler, car boot, backpack and more.

Build the Perfect Survival Kit

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