Frontiers in Hypertension Research Cover

Frontiers in Hypertension Research

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Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York | Author: John H. Laragh (auth.), John H. Laragh M.D., Fritz R. Bühler M.D., Donald W. Seldin M.D., M.A.C.P. (eds.) | Edition: 1

reached full definition in the 1940s by Kempner diet. The important role of adrenal aldosterone and associates in demonstrating the beneficial ef­ secretion in supporting human hypertension is now fects of a low salt rice diet for treating hypertensive well recognized as are the beneficial effects of patients. It became apparent that the value of rice blockade, especially in low-renin patients who ex­ was wholly related to its sodium content. A rice hibit inappropriate or absolute excesses of aldoste­ diet, or any other stringent low sodium diet, rone secretion. Further definition of the more sub­ greatly improves or completely corrects the hyper­ tle participation of aldosterone and of the factors tension of about ~ or so of all patients with essen­ that control aldosterone secretion in hypertensive subjects are promising areas for further research. tial hypertension. However, what is often forgotten is that little or no benefit accrues to the remaining THE NERVOUS SYSTEM majority of patients. Parallel studies of animal models has demon­ Besides the endocrine and excretory functions of strated the amplifying effect of a high sodium diet the kidney and the influence of dietary sodium on blood pressure and vice versa. Strains of rats and of aldosterone secretion, there has been long­ were developed which are especially sensitive to standing agreement about the important role of the pressor effects of a high sodium diet. In a way, the nervous system in blood pressure control.

Frontiers in Hypertension Research

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