Who's Who in World War II Cover

Who’s Who in World War II

ISBN/ASIN: 0415260337,9780415260336 | 2001 | English | epub | 192/0 pages | 0.47 Mb
Publisher: Routledge | Author: John Keegan | Edition: 3

World War II was a truly global conflict, fought in every one of the five continents. The players included not only soldiers and statesmen of orthodox background, but three dictators of world stature, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin; demagogues such as Goebbels and ideologues like Alfred Rosenberg; politicians of charismatic power, like Roosevelt; prophets of national resistance, like Charles de Gaulle and of national liberation like Mahatma Ghandi.
Who's Who in World War II:
* brings together over 300 of the most important characters from every sphere of responsibility
* provides a unique reference source about the life, career, and personality of each character.

Who’s Who in World War II

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