QI: Advanced Banter Cover

QI: Advanced Banter

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2008 | English | epub | 448/0 pages | 0.64 Mb
Publisher: Faber and Faber Non Fiction | Author: John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

A really good quotation book – one which gathered the truest and funniest insights of the best minds, and organised them into more than 400 subjects, from ambition to worry (or from artichokes to windows) – a book which offered you a useful take on almost every situation life throws at you (from the death of your child's hamster to the unified theory of everything), a sourcebook of wise one-liners, of knock-out jokes, of drole asides and heartfelt statements of truth and beauty, a practical handbook of interestingness, well, that would be worth having. And, guess what? Those thoughtful gentlemen at QI have come up with one.

As well as the quotes themselves, there is a Prologue from the Bantermaster himself, Mr Stephen Fry, and lots of quite interesting background information on the people quoted (and misquoted). Six years of learning how to avoid the dull stuff have left the QI team in a uniquely good position to deliver this elusive holy grail: the big, useful, funny and really very good book of quotations.

QI: Advanced Banter

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