Good food  can you trust what you are eating? Cover

Good food: can you trust what you are eating?

ISBN/ASIN: 0717154254,9780717154258,9780717154265 | 2013 | English | epub | 224/0 pages | 2.96 Mb
Publisher: Gill & MacMillan | Author: John McKenna

Dr John McKenna starts with his personal experience of good, healthy food, growing up in the Irish countryside. From there he develops his experiences as a doctor in West Africa encountering primitive and simple diets and how shocked he was on returning to the UK in 2003 at the foods that people were eating. Using ground-breaking work by medical researchers in the areas of primitive and processed foods, he analyses the diet of a typical child in modern Ireland, showing both the nutrient and toxic content of the diet. He explains why diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer are on the increase and why leaning difficulties and food intolerances are increasing at a phenomenal rate. He sets out the cornerstones for healthy diet, giving examples of nutrient rich diets and why they are so good. He surveys the recent history of food processing and its apparently relentless advance and analyses the damage it does. He shows how to reduce toxins in the common diet, how to change our ways of shopping and eating, using case histories of good and bad preparation of basic meals.

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