The me I want to be : becoming God's best version of you Cover

The me I want to be : becoming God’s best version of you

ISBN/ASIN: 9780310275923,031027592X,9780310320784,031032078X | 2010. | English | pdf | 264 p. : ill. ; 23 cm./273 pages | 6.08 Mb
Publisher: Zondervan | Author: John Ortberg.

Bestselling author and pastor Ortberg guides Christians through the sometimes difficult but ultimately fulfilling journey towards a uniquely created spirituality.
pt. 1. Finding my identity. Learn why God made you —

The me I don't want to be —

pt. 2. Flowing with the spirit. Discover the flow —

Find out how you grow —

Surrender : the one decision that always helps —

Try softer —

pt. 3. Renewing my mind. Let your desires lead you to God —

Think great thoughts —

Feed your mind with excellence —

Never worry alone —

pt. 4. Redeeming my time. Let your talking flow into praying —

Temptation : how not to get hooked —

Recognize your primary flow-blocker —

When you find yourself out of the flow, jump back in —

pt. 5. Deepening my relationships. Try going off the deep end with God —

Make life-giving relationships a top priority —

Be human —

Find a few difficult people to help you grow —

pt. 6. Transforming my experience. Let God flow in your work —

Let your work honor God —

You have to go through exile before you come back home —

pt. 7. Flowing from here on out. Ask for a mountain.

The me I want to be : becoming God’s best version of you

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