Essays on Philosophy in Australia Cover

Essays on Philosophy in Australia

ISBN/ASIN: 9789048141517,9789401580069 | 1992 | English | pdf | 330/335 pages | 8.19 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: John Passmore (auth.), Jan T. J. Srzednicki, David Wood (eds.) | Edition: 1

Philosophy flourished in Australia after the war. There was spectacular growth in both the number of departments and the number of philosophers. On top of this philosophy spread beyond the philosophy departments.
Serious studies, and interest in philosophy is now common in faculties as diverse as law, science and education. Neither is this development merely quantitative, the Australian researcher has come of age and contributes widely to international debates. At least one movement originated in Australia.
This makes the study of philosophy in Australia timely, evidenced by the number of articles concerned with this area that begin to appear in international journals. In Australia itself there is growing interest in the history of the country's philosophical development. There are discussions in conferences and meetings: the matter is now the subject of courses.

Essays on Philosophy in Australia

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