The Development of Milton's Thought  Law, Government, and Religion Cover

The Development of Milton’s Thought: Law, Government, and Religion

ISBN/ASIN: 0820704113,9780820704111 | 2008 | English | pdf | 283/291 pages | 7.44 Mb
Publisher: Duquesne University Press | Author: John T. Shawcross | Edition: 1

With this pioneering book, John T. Shawcross debunks a common assumption about what we see in Milton's work: that Milton's views remained unchanged over time. Shawcross systematically analyzes this belief in light of Milton's vocation, social life, politics, and religion, and presents us with a Milton who, indeed, changes his mind.
The one constant in Milton's writing and thought is that of faith in God, but the theology that underlies this unchanging faith—such as his views on the Trinity and God's providence—develops through reflection and adverse experience, often yielding more defined ideas. Shawcross also traces the development of Milton's concepts about political thought, attitudes toward the church, financial matters, the “people,” and gender, some of which result in complicated (and often unresolved) issues.
Shawcross's presentation of a Milton whose thought does indeed develop and change—albeit with an unbending belief that faith and God supervene—is an essential contribution to Milton scholarship.

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