An Introduction to Digital Audio Cover

An Introduction to Digital Audio

ISBN/ASIN: 0240513789,9780240513782 | 1994 | English | pdf | 256/399 pages | 18.0 Mb
Publisher: Focal Press | Author: John Watkinson | Edition: 1

An Introduction to Digital Audio brings all the fundamentals of digital audio to a wide audience. Every topic is described in plain English, from first principles, in John Watkinson's unique, accessible style. There are reasons instead of facts and practical applications to contrast with the theory. All of the key technologies are here: oversampling, noise shaping and error correction theories are treated in a simple yet accurate form. DAT, DASH, DCC, CD and MiniDisc recorders are all described here along with the growing technique of audio editing on hard disks. Thoroughly researched, totally up-to-date and technically accurate this is the only book you need to introduce the subject.

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Category: Engineering

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