Training Camp  What the Best do Better Than Every one Else Cover

Training Camp: What the Best do Better Than Every one Else

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470462089,9781118257470 | 2009 | English | pdf | 157/157 pages | 3.94 Mb
Author: Jon Gordon(auth.)

Training Camp is an inspirational story filled with invaluable lessons and insights on bringing out the best in yourself and your team. The story follows Martin, an un-drafted rookie trying to make it in the NFL. He’s spent his entire life proving to the critics that a small guy with a big heart can succeed against all odds. After spraining his ankle in the pre-season, Martin thinks his dream is lost when he happens to meet a very special coach who shares eleven life-changing lessons that keep his dream alive?and might even make him the best of the best. If you want to be your best?Training Camp offers an inspirational story and real-world wisdom on what it takes to reach true excellence and how you and your team (your work team, school team, church team and family team) can achieve it.Content:
Chapter 1 Kickoff (pages 1–3):
Chapter 2 Ankle Sprain (pages 5–6):
Chapter 3 Press Conference (pages 7–8):
Chapter 4 Pain (pages 9–14):
Chapter 5 The Phone Call (pages 15–17):
Chapter 6 Treatment (pages 19–21):
Chapter 7 Questions (pages 23–26):
Chapter 8 On the Sideline (pages 27–28):
Chapter 9 The Playbook (pages 29–33):
Chapter 10 The Telescope (pages 35–42):
Chapter 11 Continuous Improvement (pages 43–46):
Chapter 12 The Benefits of a Coach (pages 47–50):
Chapter 13 The Myth (pages 51–52):
Chapter 14 The Game?Day Principle (pages 53–56):
Chapter 15 Ten Percent Better (pages 57–59):
Chapter 16 The Microscope (pages 61–65):
Chapter 17 Mental Zoom Focus (pages 67–68):
Chapter 18 Patience (pages 69–70):
Chapter 19 Mental Toughness (pages 71–76):
Chapter 20 Twenty Ways to Get Mentally Tough (pages 77–79):
Chapter 21 A Bad Day (pages 81–83):
Chapter 22 Heal Strong (pages 85–88):
Chapter 23 Feeling Better (pages 89–90):
Chapter 24 Preparation (pages 91–92):
Chapter 25 The Cut (pages 93–95):
Chapter 26 Faith (pages 97–98):
Chapter 27 The Fishing Trip (pages 99–104):
Chapter 28 Story and Belief (pages 105–106):
Chapter 29 Tests (pages 107–108):
Chapter 30 Pressure (pages 109–110):
Chapter 31 Seize the Moment (pages 111–114):
Chapter 32 The Breaking Point (pages 115–123):
Chapter 33 The Spotlight (pages 125–127):
Chapter 34 Celebration (pages 129–130):
Chapter 35 Final Cuts (pages 131–133):
Chapter 36 Leave a Legacy (pages 135–137):
Chapter 37 The Day (pages 139–141):
Chapter 38 The Coin (pages 143–145):
Chapter 39 The Final Lesson (pages 147–149):
Chapter 40 A New Beginning (pages 151–154):

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