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Thoughts on Interaction Design

ISBN/ASIN: 9780123809308 | 2011 | English | pdf | 111/111 pages | 5.42 Mb
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann | Author: Jon Kolko (Auth.)

''This book is a thoughtful discussion of design as a socially interactive medium rather than a book that presents the reader with a prescriptive set of rules and methods to provide ‘usability and ease of use.’ Its language is often academic. But for any designer who wishes to learn more about design and its philosophical implications, this book will provide food for thought.''–ACM Computing Reviews''In writing Thoughts on Interaction Design,the author's reflective, learned, and articulate exploration has simultaneously provided an entire profession with a rallying point, a claim to credibility, and a vision. When we look back on the formative years of Interaction Design as a distinct endeavor, this book will surely be recognized as the seminal work.''-Steve Baty, Principal, Meld Studios''Jon is an important voice in the evolution of interaction design. In Thoughts on Interaction Design, he carefully explains the essential qualities of the discipline and its potential role in world, well beyond the design of user interfaces. If you are concerned with shaping the future, solving big problems and creating things and systems that bring out the best in people, then this book will help you understand and explain how practice of interaction design can help.– David Cronin, Managing Director, Interaction Design at Cooper, co-author of About Face 3rd Edition''Jon Kolko moves Interaction Design to a new level of analysis with this powerful, thoughtful book. Kolko demonstrates that interaction design impacts all aspects of our lives. That the tools and methods can be used for the solution of social and political issues and not simply for the development of products. This book is essential reading for all who wish to move beyond style to deep, impactful substance.''–Don Norman, Nielsen Norman group, author of Living with Complexity''This is a necessary updating of Jon Kolko's original work; retaining the clarity and accessibility of the first edition but pushing into more areas, as the practices (and the concerns) of interaction design/designers have expanded broadly in the past few years. Jon has the heart of a thought leader and the soul of a teacher, and he offers up a healthy amount of both in this book.''–Steve Portigal, Principal, Portigal ConsultingThe second edition of Kolko's Thoughts on Interaction Design is an important book for the discipline of interaction design. It artfully weaves together the practice of interaction design with contemporary design theory and research in a thoughtful and reflective manner. The result is a text that is immensely valuable for bothsenior and novice interaction designers. –Carl DiSalvo, PhD. Georgia Institute of Technology.This book is a tightly packed bundle of valuable ideas. Kolko distilled his years as an interaction design practitioner and educator into a thoughtful, entertaining and useful collection of essays that are as insightful as they are quick to read. This book is like having an amazing dinner with a colleague who gives you the wisdom of decades of experience in a few short hours.–Mike Kuniavsky, author ofSmart Things''Kolko, Executive Director of Design Strategy for Thinktiv, presents this text which covers interaction design from an academic approach. Intended as an educational tool for designers, this text focuses primarily on defining interaction design, developing ways to intellectualize and communicate design concepts, and exploring artistic and cultural relevance of interaction design. This edition also includes up-to-date information on technological, cultural, and market shifts which always influence the manner in which humans interact with technology and ultimately influence the approaches that are viable for designers.''–Book News, Reference & Research''What exactly is interaction design, and what is it for? That is the elusive question which this book addresses. It does so with wit, subtlety and, above all, an appreciation of all the other disciplines with which interaction design must build theoretical and practical bridges. It is an important book, written by one of the foremost thinkers on the subject…. It is a nuanced and thoughtful discourse on the state of the art in interaction design and its relationship not only with product development strategy, but also with society in the broadest sense…. The book is aimed at designers who want to help with understanding and communicating the role and significance of interaction design. It succeeds masterfully and is good value for money.''–BCS British Computer Society

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