Interconnection Networks. An Engineering Approach Cover

Interconnection Networks. An Engineering Approach

ISBN/ASIN: 9781558608528 | 2002 | English | pdf | 608/608 pages | 20.2 Mb
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann | Author: José Duato, Sudhakar Yalamanchili and Lionel Ni (Auth.)

''This book, for the first time, makes the technology of interconnection networks accessible to the engineering student and the practicing engineer. The authors are three key members of the research community and are responsible for developing much of the technology described. Their unique knowledge and rare insight into the material make for a technically rich treatment that brings together the best of many research papers and fills in the gaps by putting the work into context. In an era when digital systems design is dominated by interconnect, every digital designer needs to understand the concepts of topology, routing, and flow control on which interconnection networks are based. There is no better way for an engineer to come up to speed on interconnection networks than by reading this book.''
—From the foreword by Bill Dally, Professor, Stanford University

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