Strategic Value Management  Stock Value Creation and the Management of the Firm Cover

Strategic Value Management: Stock Value Creation and the Management of the Firm

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470467107,9781118268087 | 2009 | English | pdf | 317/317 pages | 4.11 Mb
Author: Juan Pablo Stegmann(auth.)

Innovative strategic management solutions for today's market

Strategic Value Management addresses common problems among business managers and other professionals involved in thinking about developing and managing organizations. In it, author Juan Pablo Stegmann integrates all strategic management and business strategy into an innovative standard that introduces key metrics to strategic management and stock value creation. He argues that most complex business issues can be reduced to the three dimensions of stock value creation-profits, sales growth, and capital-that are linked to three critical strategic management decisions-competition, innovation, and resources. His new approach indicates that every strategy has a clear dollar metric, which can measure its consequences of the strategies in terms of stock value. Competitive and growth strategies are analyzed along with economic, financial, dynamic, and contingent approachesIncludes a companion CD-ROM, which contains Stegmann's proven model for strategic management and stock value creationEthical consequences of strategic decisions are introduced-showing how ethics are linked to long-term stock value creationExplains the roots of the current financial crisis by examining the link between the financial world and strategic management, and proposes possible solutions
For any looking to enhance their understanding of this discipline, Strategic Value Management offers a new conceptual model for thinking about business strategy and its link to stock value creation.Content:
Chapter 1 Introduction to Strategic Value Management (pages 1–12):
Chapter 2 The Strategy?Value Model (pages 14–39):
Chapter 3 Drivers of Capital (pages 41–83):
Chapter 4 Resources Strategies (pages 84–106):
Chapter 5 Drivers of Profits (pages 107–141):
Chapter 6 Competitive Strategies (pages 142–183):
Chapter 7 Drivers of Growth (pages 184–192):
Chapter 8 Innovation Strategies (pages 193–212):
Chapter 9 Strategic Planning and Control (pages 213–233):
Chapter 10 Business Ethics (pages 234–260):

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