Environmental Biomonitoring. Exposure Assessment and Specimen Banking Cover

Environmental Biomonitoring. Exposure Assessment and Specimen Banking

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841234772,9780841216037,0841234779 | 1997 | English | pdf | 289/289 pages | 29.2 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: K. S. Subramanian and G. V. Iyengar (Eds.)

Content: Environmental biomonitoring and specimen banking : bioanalytical perspectives / G.V. Iyengar and K.S. Subramanian —
General aspects of heavy metal monitoring by plants and animals / Bernd Markert, Jörg Oehlmann, and Mechthild Roth —
Secondary ion mass spectroscopy in the analysis of the trace metal distribution in the annual growth rings of trees / R.R. Martin, E. Furimsky, Jinesh Jain, and W.M. Skinner —
Human hair and lichen : activities involving the use of biomonitors in International Atomic Energy Agency programs on health-related environmental studies / Susan F. Stone —
The silver content of the ascidian Pyura stolonifera as an indicator of sewage pollution of the metropolitan beaches of Sydney, Australia / T.M. Florence, J.L. Stauber, L.S. Dale, and L. Jones —
The moose (Alces alces L.), a fast and sensitive monitor of environmental changes / A. Frank and V. Galgan —
Use of manganese concentration in bivalves as an indicator of water pollution in Japanese brackish lakes / Yoshiko Yano —
Mutagenesis and acute toxicity studies on saliva-leached components of chewing tobacco and simulated urine using bioluminescent bacteria / Shane S. Que Hee —
Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners in Bear Lake sediment / Min Qi, S. Bierenga, and J. Carson —
Challenges to health from the major environmental chemical contaminants in the Saint Lawrence River / S. Raman and K.S. Subramanian —
Body burden concentrations in humans in response to low environmental exposure to trace elements / Jane L. Valentine —
Placenta : elemental composition, and potential as a biomarker for monitoring pollutants to assess environmental exposure / K.S. Subramanian and G.V. Iyengar —
Cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, and cesium-137 concentrations in blood, urine, or placenta from mothers and newborns living in Arctic areas of Russia and Norway / J.O. Odland, N. Romanova, G. Sand, Y. Thomassen, B. Salbu, Eiliv Lund, and E. Nieboer —
Total mercury and methylmercury levels in scalp hair and blood of pregnant women residents of fishing villages in the Eighth Region of Chile / Carlos G. Bruhn, Aldo A. Rodriguez, Carlos A. Barrios, Victor H. Jaramillo, José Becerra, Nuri T. Gras, Ernesto Nuñez, and Olga C. Reyes —
Personal exposure to indoor nitrogen dioxide / Toshihiro Kawamoto, Koji Matsuno, Keiichi Arashidani, and Yasushi Kodama —
Biomarkers of inherited and acquired susceptibility to toxic substances / E. Nieboer —
Biological monitoring and genetic polymorphism / Toshihiro Kawamoto and Yasushi Kodama —
Biomarkers used for assessment of cancer risk in populations living in areas of high potential carcinogenic hazard (near communal and chemical waste dumping sites) / J.A. Indulski and W. Lutz —
Molecular epidemiology in cancer risk assessment / J.A. Indulski and W. Lutz —
Environmental specimen banking and analytical chemistry : an overview / G.V. Iyengar and K.S. Subramanian —
Environmental specimen banking : contributions to quality management of environmental measurements / Rolf Zeisler —
Ethical and legal aspects of human tissue banking / E.-H.W. Kluge and K.S. Subramanian —
Establishing baseline levels of elements in marine mammals through analysis of banked liver tissues / Paul R. Becker, Elizabeth A. Mackey, Rabia Demiralp, Barbara J. Koster, and Stephen A. Wise —
A pilot biological environmental specimen bank in China / P.Q. Zhang, C.F. Chai, X.L. Lu, Q.F. Qian, and W.Y. Feng.

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