Operational Amplifier Noise Cover

Operational Amplifier Noise

ISBN/ASIN: 9780750685252 | 2012 | pdf | 248/234 pages | 27.6 Mb
Publisher: Newnes | Author: Kay, Art (Auth.)

"Operational Amplifier Noise is not a low-cost textbook but that will not stop the buyer who really wants to understand and do something about noise in his designs… The book is rich in figures and that makes layouts very difficult but it is well achieved for the most part although, by necessity perhaps, sizing has been a little arbitrary in some cases. While it's been EN-Genius' privilege to host most of the book’s content on our site as TechNotes, we would be the first to say that just having the text in your hands in hardback form is a great pleasure. We would highly recommend Art’s book and expect it to be a surefire hit for many engineers. I am sure that I will see it on many bookshelves."–En-Genius.net"An engineer with an electronics device company, Kay describes how to predict the level of noise – any unwanted signal – a circuit in an amplifier will produce using calculations and Spice simulations. He also discusses techniques for measuring and reducing noise. Among his topics are example calculations, Spice noise analysis, popcorn noise, instrumentation amplifier noise, and photodiode noise amplifier example results. Chapter-end questions are provided, with answers in the end matter."–Reference and Research Book News, Inc.

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