New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine Cover

New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine

ISBN/ASIN: 9784431382072,9784431382089 | 2007 | English | pdf | 154/164 pages | 7.59 Mb
Publisher: Springer Tokyo | Author: Keitaro Mitamura, Ewa Ellis, Toshio Miki, Stephen Strom (auth.), Mitsuo Kusano MD, PhD, Seiji Shioda MD, PhD (eds.) | Edition: 1

Rapid advances in stem cell biology have raised exciting possibilities of replacing damaged or lost tissues and cells by activation of in vitro-expanded stem cells or their progeny. This book examines many of the unresolved problems as well as future applications of regenerative medicine. Areas of focus include the nervous system and hippocampal neurogenesis, along with the functional significance of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and the production of free radicals after brain ischemia; the digestive and integumentary systems, dealing with hepatocyte transplantation, pancreatic regeneration, and skin and hair regeneration; and the cardiovascular system, with repair and remodeling of the lung and heart, and arterial remodeling with bone marrow-derived progenitor cells. In addition to animal experiments, results of research on human tissues and organs are included. Researchers in the field will find this volume an invaluable source of reference in their work.

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