Metaprogramming in .NET Cover

Metaprogramming in .NET

ISBN/ASIN: 1617290262,9781617290268 | 2013 | English | pdf | 360/360 pages | 13.0 Mb
Publisher: Manning Publications | Author: Kevin Hazzard, Jason Bock | Edition: Pap/Psc

Metaprogramming in .NET is designed to help readers understand the basic concepts, advantages, and potential pitfalls of metaprogramming. It introduces core concepts in clear, easy-to-follow language and then it takes you on a deep dive into the tools and techniques youll use to implement them in your .NET code. Youll explore plenty of real-world examples that reinforce key concepts. When you finish, youll be able to build high-performance, metaprogramming-enabled software with confidence.
About the Technology
When you write programs that create or modify other programs, you are metaprogramming. In .NET, you can use reflection as well as newer concepts like code generation and scriptable software. The emerging Roslyn project exposes the .NET compiler as an interactive API, allowing compile-time code analysis and just-in-time refactoring.

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