Gas Migration - Events Preceding Earthquakes Cover

Gas Migration – Events Preceding Earthquakes

ISBN/ASIN: 9780080507194,9780884154303,0884154300,0080507190 | 2000 | English | pdf | 412/409 pages | 23.2 Mb
Publisher: Elsevier | Author: Khilyuk, Leonid F.; Chilingar, George V.; Endres, Bernard; Robertson, John O. Jr.

This breakthrough new book may help save countless lives and avoid enormous losses. It presents a methodology for using gas migration to predict earthquakes and explosive gas buildup. Using rigorous scientific investigation and documented worldwide case histories, this remarkable book presents compelling evidence showing that changes in gas rates, composition, and migration accompany the tectronic events preceding earthquakes and their associated seismic events, such as volcanoes and tsunamis. Because these gas parameters are detectable and measurable, they provide an early warning of seismic activity.
It is the first book to accumulate, analyze and apply the interdisciplinary knowledge on gas migration and detail its connection to tectronic, seismic, and geologic phenomena. It combines geological, geochemical, geophysical, seismological, and petroleum engineering insights to demonstrate how gas migration and its associated phenomena can be used in earthquake and environmental geohazard identification and prediction.
Front Matter
• Table of Contents
•Part I. Tectonics and Gas Migration
1. Tectonics and Earthquakes
2. Gas Migration at Plate Boundaries
3. Surface Soil-gas Surveys
4. Southern California Faults and Petroleum Reservoirs
•Part II. Events Preceding Earthquakes
• 5. Earthquake Precursors
6. Occurrence and Consequences of Earthquakes
7. Causes of Earthquakes
8. Magnitude and Intensity of Earthquakes
9. Forecasting Large Earthquakes
10. Ancient Foretellers
11. Messages from the Earth′s Crust
12. Fluids Talk
13. Whispering Gases
14. Progress in Developing a Forecasting System, Preferential Precursors and Monitoring Network
•Part III. Principles of Gas Migration
15. Gas Migration
16. Typical Composition of Natural Gases
17. Mechanisms of Gas Migration
18. Paths of Gas Migration
19. Hazards Resulting from Migrating Gas
20. Hazards of Gas Storage Fields
•Part IV. Interrelationships among Subsidence, Gas Migration, and Seismic Activity
21. Interrelationships among Subsidence, Gas Migration, and Seismic Activity
22. Subsidence Mechanics
23. Fracturing Due to Subsidence
• 24. Water Aquifer Subsidence
• 25. Technologically Induced Earthquakes
• 26. Gas Migration in Seismically Active Areas
• 27. Joint Forecasting of Subsidence, Gas Migration, and Seismic Activity
• 28. Conclusions
• References
• Author Index
• Index

Gas Migration – Events Preceding Earthquakes

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