Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Deployment and Migration Cover

Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003 Deployment and Migration

ISBN/ASIN: 9781555583163 | 2004 | English | pdf | 378/378 pages | 11.0 Mb
Publisher: Digital Press | Author: Kieran McCorry (Auth.)

''Clearly the topic of migration and deployment is in Kieran's sweet spot. The entire topic is like a fastball floating right down the middle for him because he absolutely hits a home run in this book. He doesn't just talk about what different components are involved with migration and deployment, he describes how everything works and why you might take different approaches in your deployment. It's right on the money!''— Donald Livengood, Senior Solution Architect (MCSE, MVP, HP Certified Architect), Hewlett-Packard Company ''In his new book, Kieran outlines clear, concise, and crisp guidelines for migration and deployment of Exchange messaging systems. Armed with this generally hard to find knowledge, you'll be prepared for most Exchange 2003 implementation projects. His principles have been well used in the past-not least for the implementation of a 350,000 user Exchange system in my own organization.'' — Roy Beattie, Messaging and Integration Director, NI Schools C2k Project ''Kieran has been working with us since 1999, originally on the AstraZeneca merger work and more recently on our Exchange 2003 project. This book demonstrates Kieran’s expertise in deployment and migration and is particularly strong on Directory Synchronization, which is a fundamental component of a migration from Exchange 5.5 to 2003. You’ll get quite the level of detail that you need, presented in a format that is easily digestible in this work.'' — Dave Cook, Global Messaging Architect, Astra Zeneca Healthcare

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