Surviving The Cuts, And Other Disasters Cover

Surviving The Cuts, And Other Disasters

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2013 | English | pdf | 162/125 pages | 4.19 Mb
Publisher: Archaeopteryx Books | Author: Korban Blake | Edition: 1

Practical solutions for coping with challenges of economic crisis and environmental disaster.

Increasingly people in the United Kingdom find providing for the family an exercise in survival in itself; while others aim to better prepare for larger-scale disaster.

An essential illustrated, plain English guide for people enduring austerity cuts; and Survivalists, or 'Preppers' in the UK and beyond.

Review: This is an extremely practical, well thought out guide to help meet the challenges brought by the cuts and also provides useful information on other eventualities. I read it from beginning to end over a weekend. Definitely recommended – Ann N.

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