Teamwork in Poultry Production  Improving Grower and Employee Interpersonal Skills Cover

Teamwork in Poultry Production: Improving Grower and Employee Interpersonal Skills

ISBN/ASIN: 9780813804125,9780470376829 | 2001 | English | pdf | 263/263 pages | 13.5 Mb
Publisher: Iowa State University Press | Author: Larry Cole(auth.)

Today more than ever before in the history of the poultry industry there is a concerted effort to improve the working relationship between the grower and the integrator.
Teamwork in Poultry Production picks up wher Larry Cole's previous book, Communication in Poultry Grower Relations, left off. While the first book concentrated on organizational improvement, this book focuses on the specific interpersonal skills needed in the industry to create a synergistic working relationship-a topic which, until now, has been largely ignored.
Written in a down-to-earth training style, this book:

1 Details the interpersonal and communication issues that determine the success of the employee-grower working relationship

2 Outlines the responsibilities of both the contract grower and the company employee, providing a detailed description of what each party can do to improve the working relationship on the farm

3 Creates a behavioral blueprint that can be easily implemented by the entire grower-employee network

4 Serves as the resource for ongoing training efforts with employees and growers
Chapter 1 Beginning at the Beginning (pages 4–7):
Chapter 2 Smart Employees and Growers are People Smart (pages 9–17):
Chapter 3 Getting to Know the Real Me (pages 20–30):
Chapter 4 Willing to Change (pages 31–46):
Chapter 5 Being a High?Performance Human Being (pages 47–54):
Chapter 6 Project Self?Confidence Confidently (pages 57–68):
Chapter 7 Introducing Change Can be Easier than You Think (pages 69–78):
Chapter 8 Being Friendly (pages 79–85):
Chapter 9 Words Do More than Talk (pages 87–91):
Chapter 10 Your Physical Appearance also Talks (pages 93–96):
Chapter 11 Speaking of Talking, Let's Talk (pages 97–110):
Chapter 12 Communicating through Respect (pages 111–117):
Chapter 13 Putting the Magic Ingredient of Trust to Work for You (pages 119–126):
Chapter 14 Teamwork on the Farm (pages 127–140):
Chapter 15 Promoting Each Other's Self?Esteem (pages 141–155):
Chapter 16 Fairness is the Only Rule (pages 157–162):
Chapter 17 Writing Service Reports that Encourage Cooperation (pages 163–170):
Chapter 18 Remaining Calm in the Eye of Conflict (pages 171–185):
Chapter 19 Putting Strategies to Manage Conflict to Work (pages 187–202):
Chapter 20 Working Differently with Different People (pages 203–222):
Chapter 21 Working with Difficult People Made Easier (pages 223–241):
Chapter 22 Talking with your Behaviors (pages 242–254):
Chapter 23 The Farm is the Natural Classroom (pages 255–266):

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