Trading Options in Turbulent Markets  Master Uncertainty through Active Volatility Management Cover

Trading Options in Turbulent Markets: Master Uncertainty through Active Volatility Management

ISBN/ASIN: 9781576603604,9781118531990 | 2010 | English | pdf | 260/260 pages | 2.72 Mb
Publisher: Larry Shover. All rights reserved. | Author: Larry Shover(auth.)

A thoughtful presentation of options trading and pricing which discusses the impact of volatility in the process
Trading Options in Turbulent Markets reveals how volatility in options trading relates to today's stormy marketplace and shows you how to manage risk and take advantage of market volatility when investing in derivatives. In this book, options expert Larry Shover skillfully addresses how to use historical volatility to predict future volatility for a security, or the implied volatility, and offers suggestions for dealing with that odd feature of options trading known as skew.
Trading Options in Turbulent Markets also looks at specific options trading strategies that help you offset risk and reach for profit. These include the covered call, the naked and the married puts, collars, straddles, vertical spreads, calendar spreads, butterflies, condors, and more.
Contains proven tools for evaluating options trading decisions, including the greeks: delta, vega, theta, and gamma Outlines effective strategies for trading options contracts in uncertain times Offers insights on the risk/reward situations all traders in this field face Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this important resource explores how to turn turbulent markets into profitable opportunities, and discusses why options are the best tool to use in such a difficult endeavor.
Chapter 1 Managing Risk and Uncertainty with Options (pages 1–12):
Chapter 2 Making Sense of Volatility in Options Trading (pages 13–24):
Chapter 3 Working with Volatility to Make Investment Decisions (pages 25–39):
Chapter 4 Volatility Skew: Smile or Smirk? (pages 41–52):
Chapter 5 Extreme Volatility and Option Delta (pages 53–67):
Chapter 6 Smoke and Mirrors: Managing Gamma through Volatile Markets (pages 69–81):
Chapter 7 Price Explosion: Volatility and Option Vega (pages 83–94):
Chapter 8 Sand in the Hourglass: Volatility and Option Theta (pages 95–105):
Chapter 9 Preparing for Trading Usin Volatility Strategies (pages 107–118):
Chapter 10 The Buy?Write, or the Covered Call (pages 119–133):
Chapter 11 Covering the Naked Put (pages 135–147):
Chapter 12 The Married Put: Protecting Your Profit (pages 149–159):
Chapter 13 The Collar: Sleep at Night (pages 161–178):
Chapter 14 The Straddle and Strangle: The Risks and Rewards of Volatility?Sensitive Strategies (pages 179–191):
Chapter 15 The Vertical Spread and Volatility (pages 193–208):
Chapter 16 Calendar Spreads: Trading Theta and Vega (pages 209–218):
Chapter 17 Ratio Spreading: Trading Objectives Tailor Made (pages 219–232):
Chapter 18 The Butterfly Spread (pages 233–244):
Chapter 19 The Iron Butterfly and the Condor (pages 245–250):

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