Retromania: The Funkiest Cameras of Photography's Golden Age Cover

Retromania: The Funkiest Cameras of Photography’s Golden Age

ISBN/ASIN: 1781570019,9781781570012 | 2012 | English | pdf | 176/89 pages | 76.5 Mb
Publisher: Ilex | Author: Laurence Harvey

From start to finish, the 20th Century was the century of “the people’s camera”—and of photography evolving from rich man’s hobby to universal delight. Nothing shows this better than the innovative designs of the cameras that—historically – brought photography to the masses.

The Lomography phenomenon shows that interest in, and love for, cheap, fun cameras has never been stronger. But the few plastic-lens models that are still manufactured are only the tip of the iceberg, with hundreds of amazing, exciting, weird and wonderful models available—and at low prices.

This book is the first to look at every significant “people’s camera” since Kodak’s Box Brownie brought cameras to the masses in 1908 and launched the photo revolution—providing a fascinating in sight into the tastes of previous generations.

Retromania: The Funkiest Cameras of Photography’s Golden Age

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