Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention Cover

Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention

ISBN/ASIN: 9780123852465 | 2012 | English | pdf | 587/587 pages | 9.31 Mb
Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann | Author: Lawrence Fennelly (Auth.)

''Larry Fennelly continues to provide the content that ensures his book will be on the front of any professional security managers practitioner’s bookshelf. This edition brings the reader the up to date with the materials and subjects needed to solve current security problems. No security practitioner’s library is complete without this handbook.'' –Joseph C. Nelson, CPP, Assistant Vice President, State Street Global Security''As usual, Larry Fennelly has written a comprehensive, practicalguide–one that belongs on the bookshelf of the serious security practitioner. The book is readable, interesting and up to date in all respects.'' –John J. Fay, CPP, former Director of the National Crime Prevention Institute''I have been extremely impressed with the evolution of the content as this book moves into its next generation. It is very comprehensive and well written. The new edition now includes real time academic reference material and makes it usable as a university textbook.'' –Mark H. Beaudry, CPP

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