Stem Cells for Dummies® Cover

Stem Cells for Dummies®

ISBN/ASIN: 9780470259283,9781118269244 | 2010 | English | pdf | 368/368 pages | 4.72 Mb
Author: Lawrence S.B. Goldstein, Meg Schneider(auth.)

The first authoritative yet accessible guide to this controversial topic

Stem Cell Research For Dummies offers a balanced, plain-English look at this politically charged topic, cutting away the hype and presenting the facts clearly for you, free from debate. It explains what stem cells are and what they do, the legalities of harvesting them and using them in research, the latest research findings from the U.S. and abroad, and the prospects for medical stem cell therapies in the short and long term. Explains the differences between adult stem cells and embryonic/umbilical cord stem cellsProvides both sides of the political debate and the pros and cons of each side's opinionsIncludes medical success stories using stem cell therapy and its promise for the future
Comprehensive and unbiased, Stem Cell Research For Dummies is the only guide you need to understand this volatile issue.Content:
Chapter 1 Painting the Broad Strokes of Stem Cell Science (pages 9–20):
Chapter 2 Understanding Cells and Tissues (pages 21–35):
Chapter 3 Tracing the History of Stem Cell Research (pages 37–50):
Chapter 4 Starting with Embryonic Stem Cells (pages 51–70):
Chapter 5 Understanding Adult Stem Cells (pages 71–85):
Chapter 6 Exploring Other Stem Cell Sources (pages 87–99):
Chapter 7 Understanding Why Scientists Mix and Match Cells (pages 101–119):
Chapter 8 Looking into Cancer's Cradle: Cancer Stem Cells (pages 121–135):
Chapter 9 Using Stem Cells to Understand and Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases (pages 137–158):
Chapter 10 Improving Therapies for Diseases of the Heart, Liver, and Pancreas (pages 159–169):
Chapter 11 Improving Drug Development . (pages 171–180):
Chapter 12 Where We Are Now: Stem Cell Treatments, Trials, and Possibilities (pages 181–199):
Chapter 13 Understanding the Role of Stem Cells in Transplants (pages 201–219):
Chapter 14 Putting Stem Cells in the Bank. (pages 221–230):
Chapter 15 Exploring Ethical, Religious, Philosophical, and Moral Questions (pages 231–248):
Chapter 16 Getting a Handle on Current Stem Cell Laws and Policies (pages 249–268):
Chapter 17 Following the Money: Understanding Stem Cell Funding and Profits (pages 269–283):
Chapter 18 Ten (or So) Stem Cell Myths (pages 285–294):
Chapter 19 Ten Hurdles to Stem Cell Use (pages 295–302):
Chapter 20 Ten Possibilities for the Future of Stem Cells (pages 303–310):
Chapter 21 Ten (or So) Things to Do Before You Consider Stem Cell Treatment (pages 311–321):
Chapter 22 Ten (or So) Great Resources to Stay Up to Date (pages 323–328):

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