The Self-Reliance Manifesto  Essential Outdoor Survival Skills Cover

The Self-Reliance Manifesto: Essential Outdoor Survival Skills

ISBN/ASIN: 1616080612,9781616080617 | 2010 | English | pdf | 557/557 pages | 52.2 Mb
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing | Author: Len McDougall

An expert’s advice on how to survive anything, anywhere.
Storm approaching? Need a fire? Out of water? Lost? Whatever situation you find yourself in, Len McDougall has probably been there himself and can get you out of trouble. He reveals his way of living and teaches readers how to have the same confidence in any scenario. In this comprehensive, fully-illustrated guide, McDougall reveals how to make water safe for drinking, build a fire in any conditions, find and build shelter, use basic medical skills, and more. McDougall has field-tested everything from kayaks, backpacks, and boots to cameras, tents, and water filters, and because of his research and experience, everyone can feel more safe. 200 color photographs and 100 black-and-white illustrations

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