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Preventive Dentistry

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401174435,9789401174411 | 1978 | English | pdf | 168/173 pages | 6.31 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: Leon M. Silverstone B.CH.D, LDSRCS (ENG.), PH.D, DD.SC (auth.) | Edition: 1

Dental disease accounts for more pain, suffering and loss of work­ ing hours than almost any other disease. And yet, since no one dies as a result of dental disease and since tooth loss is still regarded incorrectly as a normal consequence of ageing, there has been no major emphasis towards or demands for the preventive aspect of dentistry. By tradition, dentistry has been largely a reparative profession. However, reparative dentistry alone cannot bring about the control of dental disease which has now reached epidemic proportions in some countries. Over the past decade, the results of basic research, applied research and clinical trials from many parts of the world have shown that preventive dentistry can be highly successful. This book deals with the prevention of dental caries and has been written for the dental practitioner, the dental student, the post­ graduate worker and those engaged in dental research. Basic knowledge of the disease mechanisms, the tissues they affect and the scientific basis for each preventive technique described have been presented. Preventive dentistry requires a team approach; the dentist being the leader, with the other ancillary workers acting as important members of the team.

Preventive Dentistry

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