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Fabulae Syrae

ISBN/ASIN: 1585104280,9781585104284 | 2011 | Latin | pdf | 148/148 pages | 9.66 Mb
Publisher: Focus Publishing/R. Pullins Co. | Author: Luigi Miraglia

A basic knowledge of classical mythology is indispensable in understanding and appreciating ancient culture, art history and even modern literature. This delightful assortment of fifty captivating myths of Rome and Athens provides extended readings selected or adapted from the works of ancient authors which not only introduce readers to the essential legends of Roman literature but also cement the grammar and vocabulary taught in an introductory course of Latin. Each selection of Fabulae Syrae corresponds to a chapter in Familia Romana, allowing you to read stories that are perfectly on grade level, and thereby rapidly build comprehension and confidence as you enjoy the adventures of men and mischief of gods.

The collection begins with the adventure of Pygmalion, the Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory, and ends with nearly 200 verses of original Latin from books two and three of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The vignettes are annotated with helpful margin notes and are accompanied by beautiful historic woodcut illustrations. The volume contains two appendices: a list of vocabulary and a glossary of proper names.

Fabulae Syrae can be used concurrently with Familia Romana for further enrichment or as a review text after completing Familia Romana. It is, however, also a stand-alone work and could also be used as a reader in mythology separate from the Lingua Latina per se Illustrata series. New vocabulary is kept to an absolute minimum, so the reader can truly enjoy the readings, while focusing on a mastery of the grammar and essential vocabulary taught in the Familia Romana.

Features include:
Readings linked to each chapter of Familia Romana from XXVI to XXXIV Fifty of the most important tales of ancient mythology Every word, cover to cover, is in Latin with vowel lengths marked Approximately 18,500 Latin words in length Approximately 500 new vocabulary words are taught Helpful margin notes Picks up where Colloquia Personarum ends Perfect for home-schoolers, as it covers the material of a course in ancient mythology Indices of vocabulary and proper names

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