Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention Cover

Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention

ISBN/ASIN: 9780387857695,9780387294575 | 2007 | English | pdf | 598/587 pages | 2.96 Mb
Publisher: Springer | Author: Lynda S. Doll (ed.), Sandra E. Bonzo (ed.), David A. Sleet (ed.), James A. Mercy (ed.) | Edition: 1st

Injuries kill and maim millions each year, and seriously impact the lives of countless loved ones. Yet until recently they’ve been considered a random, normal part of life. Preventing injuries, on the other hand, requires not only effective communication with the public, but also a reliable framework for creating and evaluating suitable interventions.

The Handbook of Injury and Violence Preventionis the first book to address both halves of this challenge, reviewing evidence-based intervention programs in depth so professionals can identify successful, promising, and ineffective (and potentially harmful) prevention strategies. Over fifty experts present the current landscape of intervention methods – from risk reduction to rethinking social norms — as they address some of the most prevalent forms of accidental and violent injury, as well as emerging areas.

This dual focus on intervention and application makes the Handbook a bedrock text for professionals involved in delivering or managing prevention programs. Its what-works-now approach gives it particular utility in the graduate classroom, and researchers will benefit from the critical attention paid to knowledge gaps in the field. It is a major resource for any reader committed to reducing the number of incidents just waiting to happen.

Handbook of Injury and Violence Prevention

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