Luke: A New Paradigm Cover

Luke: A New Paradigm

ISBN/ASIN: 1850751013 | 1989 | English | pdf | 839/839 pages | 22.6 Mb
Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press | Author: M.D.Goulder

Luke's Gospel is normally interpreted on the understanding that he was using three sources, Mark, Q and his special source L. In this major work, now reprinted, Goulder argues that both the Q and the L hypotheses must be abandoned. The argument of the book is then expounded throughout the commentary section, which constitutes the greater part of the work. Luke is shown to have written his Gospel on the basis of Mark and Matthew. He takes each of the previous Gospels in turn as his souce for a section of his writing. Following its order of pericopae, and either rewriting closely or expanding/omitting as seems best. Quite apart from the provocative thesis here developed, the reader of Luke will find on every page of this commentary original and penetrating insights. 'Goulder must be commended for presenting a careful, thorough, fresh study of an old problem, a work that demands a hearing from Gospels scholars … this work is very insightful and, at points, compelling … It makes a vital contribution to the Synoptic Problem dialogue, and may even have begun to topple the old paradigm.' Peter K. Nelson, Biblical Studies(less)

Luke: A New Paradigm

Category: Religion

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