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Planetary Nebulae

ISBN/ASIN: 9789401034753,9789401034739 | 1968 | English | pdf | 469/472 pages | 11.8 Mb
Publisher: Springer Netherlands | Author: M. J. Seaton (auth.), D. E. Osterbrock, C. R. O’Dell (eds.) | Edition: 1

This written account of the Symposium on Planetary Nebulae was prepared from manuscripts submitted by the participants. Nearly every paper that was presented at the meeting is reproduced here, in either complete or abbreviated form. The dis­ cussions have been somewhat shortened and rearranged, but we have tried to preserve the essential points and the general tenor of the exchanges. Participants who spoke in the discussion were asked immediately for written remarks, which were then edited, reproduced, and circulated at the meeting by the highly effective local Secretariat organized by Dr Perek. In addition, notes of the discussion taken by Mrs Edith F. Swan and by the undersigned were used. We wish to thank all the authors for their unusually good cooperation. We are especially grateful to Dr Minkowski, who kindly provided many excellent repro­ ductions of Mount Wilson and Palomar photographs, mostly taken by himself, of various planetary nebulae. We are particularly indebted to Mrs Swan, who attended the Symposium, made notes on the papers and discussions as they occurred, and did much of the checking and editing of the manuscripts. In addition, we are very grateful to Mrs Evelyn Seaver, who also did much of the checking, editing, and retyping of manuscripts, and to Dr B.L. Webster, Miss Rebecca Todd, Mr Joseph Tapscott, and Mr Dennis Schatz, who provided excellent assistance in the preparation of this volume.

Planetary Nebulae

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