Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations Cover

Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

ISBN/ASIN: 0442022174,9780442022174 | 1970 | English | djvu | 128/128 pages | 7.73 Mb
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold | Author: M. S. P. Eastham

This book is written for second- and third-year honours students, and
indeed for any mathematically-minded person who has had a first
elementary course on differential equations and wishes to extend his
knowledge. The main requirement on the reader is that he should
possess a thorough knowledge of real and complex analysis up to the
usual second-year level of an honours degree course.
After the basic theory in the first two chapters, the remaining three
chapters contain topics which, while fully dealt with in advanced books,
are not normally given a connected or completely rigorous account at
this level. It is hoped therefore that the book will prepare the reader to
continue his studies, if he so desires, in more comprehensive and
advanced works, and suggestions for further reading are made in the

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