Microemulsions and Emulsions in Foods Cover

Microemulsions and Emulsions in Foods

ISBN/ASIN: 9780841218963,9780841213043,084121896X | 1991 | English | pdf | 271/271 pages | 19.7 Mb
Publisher: American Chemical Society | Author: Magda El-Nokaly and Donald Cornell (Eds.)

Content: Food emulsions : an introduction / Paul Becher —
Surfactant association structures, microemulsions, and emulsions in foods : an overview / Stig E. Friberg and Ibrahim Kayali —
Solubilization of water and water-soluble compounds in triglycerides / Magda El-Nokaly, George Hiler, Sr., and Joseph McGrady —
Emulsions of reversed micellar phases and aqueous dispersions of cubic phases of lipids : some food aspects / K. Larsson —
Preparation of 2-monoglycerides / Adam W. Mazur, George D. Hiler, II, and Magda El-Nokaly —
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate-sorbitan monolaurate microemulsions / D.W. Osborne, C.V. Pesheck, and R.J. Chipman —
Sucrose esters as emulsion stabilizers / Thelma M. Herrington, Brian R. Midmore, and Sarabjit S. Sahi —
Liposarcosine-based polymerizable and polymeric surfactants / Bernard Gallot —
Competitive adsorption and protein-surfactant interactions in oil-in-water emulsions / Eric Dickinson —
Protein-glyceride interaction : influence on emulsion properties / A. Martinez-Mendoza and P. Sherman —
Thermodynamics of interfacial films in food emulsions / N. Krog —
Function of [alpha]-tending emulsifiers and proteins in whippable emulsions / J.M.M. Westerbeek and A. Prins —
Evaluation of stabilizers for synthetic vesicles and milk fat globules under drying stress / Kevin D. Whitburn and C. Patrick Dunne —
Interaction of proteins with sucrose esters / Shio Makino and Ryuichi Moriyama —
Importance of hydrophobicity of proteins in food emulsions / E. Li-Chan and S. Nakai —
Excellent emulsifying properties of protein-dextran conjugates / Akio Kato and Kunihiko Kobayashi —
Effect of polysaccharide on flocculation and creaming in oil-in-water emulsions / Margaret M. Robins —
Effects of electrolyte on stability of concentrated toluene in water miniemulsions : an electroacoustic study / Richard J. Goetz and Mohamed S. El-Aasser.

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