Fundamentals Of Orthognathic Surgery Cover

Fundamentals Of Orthognathic Surgery

ISBN/ASIN: 1860949932,9781860949937 | 2008 | English | epub | 504/0 pages | 5.70 Mb
Publisher: Imperial College Press | Author: Malcolm Harris | Edition: 2

This is a unique and comprehensive, but concise illustrated operative manual for surgical and orthodontic consultants and trainees as well as for theatre and ward staff. It also describes in detail the current state of computerised cephalometry and contains up-to-date sections on imaging and surgical planning. Some important sections include: Secondary management of clefts (including the role of distraction osteogenesis); rhinoplasty surgery; temporomandibular joint ankylosis; nutrition; the important psychopathological aspects of orthognathic surgery, where the borderland between aesthetics and cosmesis can destabilise the patient and create unexpected problems for the clinician; and there is a unique section on the multistage planning process, which provides an increased understanding of the accuracy of record transfer and the challenges of rigid internal fixation.
Contents: General Assessment (M Harris & N Hunt); Radiographic Analysis and Imaging (N Hunt); Computerised Cephalometrics for Orthodontic and Orthognathic Planning (P Thomas); Orthodontic Preparation (N Hunt); The Definitive Treatment Plan (M Harris & N Hunt); The Psychopathology of Facial Deformity and Orthognathic Surgery (S Cunningham); The Recording and Transfer of Orthognathic Planning Data (M A Bamber & E Payne); Fixation Techniques (M A Bamber); Surgical and Osteodistraction Procedures (M Harris & K M Coglan); The Surgical Correction of Common Deformities (M Harris); Secondary Cleft Lip and Palate Deformities (P Ayliffe); Rhinoplasty Surgery (S H Paun); Ankylosis of the Temporomandibular Joint (M Harris); Emergencies and Complications (D Harris); Feeding and Postoperative Nutrition Support (O Griffin).

Fundamentals Of Orthognathic Surgery

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