Chemical Sensing with Solid State Devices Cover

Chemical Sensing with Solid State Devices

ISBN/ASIN: 9780124649651,0124649653,9780323139854,032313985X | 1989 | English | pdf | 557/557 pages | 8.47 Mb
Publisher: Elsevier Science | Author: Marc J. Madou and S. Roy Morrison (Auth.)

This book is a lucid presentation for chemists, electrical engineers, surface scientists, and solid-state physicists, of the fundamentals underlying the construction of simple and small chemical sensors. The first part of the book is a review of the theoretical background in solid state physics, chemistry and electronics. Semiconductor and solid electrolyte bulk models are reviewed as well as solid/gas and solid/liquid interface models. Membranes and catalysis theory are also covered expansively. The second part is a discussion of more complete sensor devices, their essential components, an. Read more…

Chemical Sensing with Solid State Devices

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