Carbon Nanomaterials for Gas Adsorption Cover

Carbon Nanomaterials for Gas Adsorption

ISBN/ASIN: 9789814316439,9814316431,9789814364195,9814364193 | 2013 | English | pdf | xv, 478/490 pages | 25.3 Mb
Publisher: Pan Stanford | Author: Maria Terranova, Silvia Orlanducci, Marco Rossi

The increasing interest in new technological solution for gas storage, requiring the development of novel solid state media, induced to benchmark carbon nanomaterials as one of the ongoing strategic research areas in science and technology. In such a context, research in adsorption of gases by carbon nanomaterials has experienced considerable growth in recent years, with increasing interest for practical applications. Many research groups are now producing or using such materials for gas adsorption, storage, purification, and sensing.

This book provides a selected overview of some of the most interesting scientific results regarding the outstanding properties of carbon nanomaterials for gas adsorption and of interest both for basic research and technological applications. Topics receiving special attention in this book include storage of H, purification of H, storage of rare gases, adsorption of organic vapors, gas trapping and separation, and metrology of gas adsorption.

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Category: Science

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