Israel's Tabernacle as Social Space Cover

Israel’s Tabernacle as Social Space

ISBN/ASIN: 158983125X,9781589831254 | 2009 | English | pdf | xiv+234/249 pages | 2.90 Mb
Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature | Author: Mark K. George

The narratives about Israel s tabernacle are neither a building blueprint nor simply a Priestly conceit securing priestly prominence in Israel. Using a spatial poetics to reexamine these narratives, George argues that the Priestly writers encode a particular understanding of Israel s identity and self-understanding in tabernacle space. His examination of Israel s tabernacle narratives makes space itself the focus of analysis and in so doing reveals the social values, concerns, and ideas that inform these narratives. Through a process of negotiation and exchange with the broader social and cultural world, the Priestly writers portray Israel as having an important role in the divine economy, one that is singularly expressed by this portable structure.

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Category: Religion

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