Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences  A Practical Guide Cover

Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide

ISBN/ASIN: 9781405121101,9780470754887 | 2005 | English | pdf | 350/350 pages | 2.37 Mb
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell | Author: Mark Petticrew, Helen Roberts(auth.)

Such diverse thinkers as Lao-Tze, Confucius, and U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have all pointed out that we need to be able to tell the difference between real and assumed knowledge. The systematic review is a scientific tool that can help with this difficult task. It can help, for example, with appraising, summarising, and communicating the results and implications of otherwise unmanageable quantities of data.

This book, written by two highly-respected social scientists, provides an overview of systematic literature review methods:

Outlining the rationale and methods of systematic reviews;
Giving worked examples from social science and other fields;
Applying the practice to all social science disciplines;
It requires no previous knowledge, but takes the reader through the process stage by stage;
Drawing on examples from such diverse fields as psychology, criminology, education, transport, social welfare, public health, and housing and urban policy, among others.
Including detailed sections on assessing the quality of both quantitative, and qualitative research; searching for evidence in the social sciences;
meta-analytic and other methods of evidence synthesis; publication bias; heterogeneity; and approaches to dissemination. Content:
Chapter 1 Why Do We Need Systematic Reviews? (pages 1–26):
Chapter 2 Starting the Review: Refining the Question and Defining the Boundaries (pages 27–56):
Chapter 3 What Sorts of Studies do I Include in the Review? Deciding on the Review's Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria (pages 57–78):
Chapter 4 How to Find the Studies: The Literature Search (pages 79–124):
Chapter 5 How to Appraise the Studies: An Introduction to Assessing Study Quality (pages 125–163):
Chapter 6 Synthesizing the Evidence (pages 164–214):
Chapter 7 Exploring Heterogeneity and Publication Bias (pages 215–246):
Chapter 8 Disseminating the Review (pages 247–264):
Chapter 9 Systematic Reviews: Urban Myths and Fairy Tales (pages 265–276):

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