The Pilgrimage Pattern in Exodus Cover

The Pilgrimage Pattern in Exodus

ISBN/ASIN: 185075652X,9781850756521 | 1997 | English | pdf | 355/360 pages | 17.9 Mb
Publisher: T&T Clark | Author: Mark S. Smith

Underlying Exodus in its priestly redaction is a pilgrimage. Smith's new book starts by reviewing pilgrimage shrines, feasts and practices in ancient Israel. Next, it examines the two pilgrimage journeys in Exodus. In Exodus 1-15 Moses journeys to Mount Sinai, experiences God and receives his commission. In Exodus 16-40, Moses and the people together journey to Mount Sinai for the people's experience of God and their commission. Between lies Exodus 15, the fulcrum-point of the book: vv. 1-12 look back and vv. 13-18 look forward to Israel's journey to Sinai. Finally, the different meanings of torah in the book of Exodus are contrasted, and the book concludes with a consideration of Exodus's larger place in the Pentateuch.

The Pilgrimage Pattern in Exodus

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