XML Processing with Perl, Python, and PHP Cover

XML Processing with Perl, Python, and PHP

ISBN/ASIN: 0782140211,9780782140217 | 2001 | English | pdf | 432/447 pages | 3.81 Mb
Publisher: Sybex Inc | Author: Martin C. Brown | Edition: 1st

XML is the leading standard for enabling business-to-business e-commerce, as well as any application that needs to communicate across different platforms. This book focuses on the application of XML when using scripting languages, because these languages make it easier to quickly build Web applications. Two of the most popular open-source languages are covered – Perl and Python – but there are chapters on PHP and several upstart languages, including Ruby and Rebol. The book gives coverage of the core XML processing issues, including the basics of parsing XML documents, converting XML to and from different formats (including HTML), and translating objects for use with databases.

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Category: Development

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