Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging Cover

Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging

ISBN/ASIN: 9783540778608,9783540778615 | 2008 | English | pdf | 261/263 pages | 7.98 Mb
Publisher: Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg | Author: Martin Rohrer (auth.), Tim Leiner, Mathias Goyen, Martin Rohrer, Stefan Schönberg (eds.) | Edition: 1

Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging

»This excellent treatise on Vasovist® created by a team of exceptional faculty who are pioneers in

MR Angiography covers the basic techniques, safety, efficacy, image processing and pharmaco-economic

details to successfully implement a new level of MRA image quality with this new contrast agent.«

Martin Prince, Cornell University, New York

»The editors and authors have made groundbreaking contributions towards establishing MR angiography

in various investigative settings, rendering it more precise and applying it for diverse indications.

The work presented here is founded upon the extensive experience of the editors, as well as the broad

range of experience from other scientific working groups.«

Maximilian Reiser, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

Vasovist® (Gadofosveset), worldwide the first blood pool agent, has only recently become available for

clinical use, but has already gained wide acceptance as a tool to improve magnetic resonance angiography.

This book presents the first in-depth introduction to the basic physicochemical aspects of the agent,

the application of Vasovist® in clinical MRA, as well as potential clinical applications beyond MRA and

patient management-related aspects.

The first part of the book explains basic and technical properties of the agent and the differences

of Vasovist® compared to currently available extracellular agents. The second part contains detailed

chapters on safety and efficacy. In the third part the focus is on MR angiographic applications,

and in the fourth part of the book potential clinical fields beyond MRA are explored. All clinical chapters

feature ready-to-use clinical protocols and a series of take home messages that concisely summarize

the current role of blood pool imaging for each specific indication.

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