History of Heat Pumps  Swiss Contributions and International Milestones Cover

History of Heat Pumps: Swiss Contributions and International Milestones

ISBN/ASIN: N/A | 2008 | English | pdf | 114/114 pages | 8.71 Mb
Publisher: SFOE | Author: Martin Zogg

Compared to conventional boilers heating by heat pumps cuts down fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to about 50%. Compared to electric resistance heating, the energy consumption is even reduced up to 80%. Therefore the impressive market penetration growth of heat pumps will continue. Swiss pioneers were the first to realize functioning vapour recompression plants. The first European heat pumps were realized in Switzerland. To date it remains one of the heat pump champions. Swiss pioneering work in the development of borehole heat exchangers, sewage heat recovery, oil free piston compressors and turbo compressors is well known. The biggest heat pump ever built comes from Switzerland. Although there is a fairly comprehensive natural gas distribution grid, 75% of the new single-family homes built in Switzerland are cur- rently heated by heat pumps. This paper presents some of the highlights of this success story focusing on Swiss developments and relating them to the international milestones. In order to indicate the direction in which the future development might go to, some recent Swiss research projects are presented as well.

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