Large-Scale Transport Processes in Oceans and Atmosphere Cover

Large-Scale Transport Processes in Oceans and Atmosphere

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One of the major experiments in earth science at the present time is about to begin: the World Climate Research Program (WCRP). The objectives of WCRP are to determine the extent to which climate change can be predicted, and the extent to which human activities (such as increasing the level of CO ) can influence our climate. 2 To understand and possibly to predict climate change, one needs a good understanding of the dynamics of the ocean, the atmosphere, and the processes by which they are coupled. Two major programs are being developed within WCRP: TOGA (Tropical Oceans, Global Atmosphere) and WOCE (World Ocean CirculatIon Experiment). The success of these programs will depend on many things, not least of which is the existence of a pool of active young researchers. This NATO Advanced Study Institute brought together students and young scientists from 13 countries, most of them from Europe and North America. The objective was to provide them with a background in the perceived state of knowledge of atmosphere and ocean dynamics, and to mediate a flavour of the problems presently concerning scientists active in climate related dynamics. In the past, the two disciplines of oceanography and meteorology have largely been carried out separately. But for climate research both disciplines must interact strongly, and another ob jecti ve of this school was to bring together both oceanographers and meteorologists. To promote an integrated approach, the lecture presentations were divided into two formats.

Large-Scale Transport Processes in Oceans and Atmosphere

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