Produced Water Treatment Field Manual Cover

Produced Water Treatment Field Manual

ISBN/ASIN: 9781856179843 | 2011 | English | pdf | 231/231 pages | 3.26 Mb
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing | Author: Maurice Stewart And Ken Arnold (Auth.)

''Published in a handy small format (4.5×7.5 inches), but not so small it inhibits readability, this guide contains the essential information necessary for produced water treatment using the format of an outline, with subjects followed by short definitions which in turn are followed by lists of key points and in some cases, a list of sample figures. Appendices contain definition of terms, descriptions of water sampling, and oil concentration analysis techniques. Many schematics, drawings, and tables are included. The book is derived from the authors' two-volume Surface production operations. Thoughtfully produced and authoritative, this volume will be essential to engineers and process designers in the field.''–Reference and Research Book News

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