Lawrence: The Uncrowned King of Arabia Cover

Lawrence: The Uncrowned King of Arabia

ISBN/ASIN: 014025854X,9780140258547 | 1999 | English | mobi | 464/0 pages | 4.53 Mb
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited (UK) | Author: Michael Asher

'The best life of Lawrence yet published' – "The Express". Lawrence was a brilliant propagandist, rhetorician and manipulator, who deliberately turned his life into a conundrum. But who was the real man behind the masks? Lawrence began the GreatWar as a map-clerk and ended it as one of the greatest military heroes of the 20th century. He altered the face of the Middle East, helped to lead the Arabs to freedom and formulated modern guerilla warfare. Yet he refused any honours and spent therest of his life in near obscurity. Desert explorer and Arabist, Michael Asher, set out to solve this riddle and discovers a hero whose greatness owed as much to his weaknesses as to his strengths.

Lawrence: The Uncrowned King of Arabia

Category: Biography

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