Anne Neville: Queen to Richard III Cover

Anne Neville: Queen to Richard III

ISBN/ASIN: 0752441299,9780752441290 | 2007 | English | epub | 256/0 pages | 0.35 Mb
Publisher: Tempus | Author: Michael Hicks

Anne Neville was queen to England’s most notorious king, Richard III. She was immortalized by Shakespeare for the remarkable nature of her marriage, a union which brought together a sorrowing widow with her husband’s murderer. Anne’s misfortune did not end there. In addition to killing her first husband, this fascinating new biography also reveals how Richard also helped kill her father, father-in-law, and brother-in-law, imprisoned her mother, and was suspected of poisoning Anne herself. Dying before the age of 30, Anne Neville packed into her short life incident enough for many adventurous careers, but was always the passive instrument of others’ evil intentions. In this book, Anne's story is told in her own right, uncovering the real wife of Richard III.

Anne Neville: Queen to Richard III

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