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The Fungi

ISBN/ASIN: 9780127384450 | 2000 | English | pdf | 595/595 pages | 33.8 Mb
Publisher: Academic Press | Author: Michael J Carlile, Dr, Sarah C Watkinson and Graham W Gooday (Auth.)

''The style of The Fungi shows that the authors are all experienced teachers, with skills of how to present material in a readable and attractive way… In summary, start using this in your courses if you are not already doing so – it is one of the best two tools around at this time'' -David L. Hawksworth for Mycological Research (March 2003) ''…superior to some of the competitors published in recent years. It certainly deserves consideration by instructors teaching any undergraduate course concerned with the biological activities of fungi.'' ?Nicholas P. Money for ASM NEWS (2002) ''…fills a gap between many textbooks of microbiology, biochemistry, genetics and ecology through covering topics specific to mycology that they often omit.'' ?Meriel Jones for MICROBIOLOGY TODAY (MAY 2002) Praise for the First Edition ''….an enjoyable way to survey the subject of modern mycology. We are fortunate to have this excellent textbook.'' -MYCOLOGIA ''The text is beautifully written and an understanding and enthusiasm for this important group of organisms comes through on every page.'' -TRENDS IN MICROBIOLOGY ''… a most readable and recommendable source of information for beginners, advanced students and professionals in mycology.'' -ZEIT FUR PFLANZENKRANKHEITEN UND PFLANZENSCHULTZ ''The coverage is extensive and informative. I am very pleased to recommend this book to those who want to know and understand fungi.'' -BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION ''…the book can be highly recommended for teachers and researchers alike and the advanced forest pathology student will find it very useful.'' -EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FOREST PATHOLOGY ''This will improve undergraduate learning and promote a more integrated understanding of fungal biology. I will certainly use it in my teaching and am sure many others will do likewise.'' -NEW PHYTOLOGIST

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