Introduction to geometrical optics Cover

Introduction to geometrical optics

ISBN/ASIN: 981238202X,9789812382023,9812382240,9789812382245 | 2003 | English | pdf | 328/327 pages | 6.21 Mb
Publisher: World Scientific | Author: Milton Katz | Edition: 1

This work is the culmination of 25 years of teaching geometrical optics. The volume is organized such that the single spherical refracting surface is the basic optical element. Spherical mirrors are treated as special cases of refraction, with the same applicable equations. Thin lens equations follow as combinations of spherical refracting surfaces while the cardinal points of the thick lens make it equivalent to a thin lens. Ultimately, one set of vergence equations are applicable to all these elements. The chapters are devoted to in-depth treatments of stops, pupils and ports; magnifiers, microscopes, telescopes, and camera lenses; ophthalmic instruments; resolving power and MTF; trigonometric ray tracing; and chromatic and monochromatic aberrations. There are over 100 worked examples, 400 homework problems and 400 illustrations.

Introduction to geometrical optics

Category: Science

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