Lens Design, Third Edition, Cover

Lens Design, Third Edition,

ISBN/ASIN: 0824705076,9780824705077 | 2001 | English | pdf | 504/494 pages | 11.6 Mb
Publisher: CRC Press | Author: Milton Laikin | Edition: 3

Featuring over 700 references, equations, tables, and drawings, this highly lauded and best-selling reference emphasizes practical designs of over 30 lens systems, including single-element, two-element achromats, air-spaced triplets, projection lenses, and sophisticated wide-angle and zoom lenses. It comes with software that supplies starting solutions for computer optimization programs lens prescriptions and several shorter programs to compute the refractive index of glasses from a variety of manufacturers, create lens drawings, perform zoom computations, do test glass fitting, and calculate third-order solutions for single lenses, achromats, and triplets.

Lens Design, Third Edition,

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